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Johnny Cupcakes Coffin Tour

Johnny Cupcakes is a clothing company started by Johnny Earle in 2001. Since then, he has turned his simple idea into a multi-million dollar business. Johnny's story is one of humble beginnings, hard work and dedication. One of the many things that set him apart from other brands is that he has taken the customer experience to another level. His 5 stores each look like bakeries with vintage ovens, fake steam, and batter oozing out the walls. Each order comes in a bakery style box and often includes a pack of nostalgic candy, cards, and toys from the 90s. Johnny ONLY sells in his stores and online shop, making his product exclusive and often hard to get.

Johnny Cupcakes is now on his second tour across the nation. Driving from city to city, selling shirts out the back of his van, essentially going back to his roots. Each stop consists of a one day popup shop at independent businesses of different sorts. Hundreds of people lined up outside of Crave Cupcakes Tuesday in Houston for an oppertunity to meet the man himself and get their hands on the limited edition clothing. From hardcore fans to people just wanting to find out why there is a ridiculous line outside a cupcake shop, the night was definitely one to remember.

The homie Leonard in the Rif LA Pushing Weight cap
"Good people helping good people"

Cookin. Woop. 

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