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Road Trip to California: Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an amazing sight to see. It is a mile deep and 18 miles wide. People come from all over the world to visit this spectacular product of nature.

I was fortunate to stay at a lodge inside the park, only a couple of feet away from the canyon itself. I got up in the morning to shoot the sunrise at Mathers point on the south rim.

Many people gathered at Mather Point  to watch the sunrise, all covered in blankets and jackets to stay warm in the frigid 20 degree weather. Even in the summer, the temperature gets to below freezing at night.

After that i made my way to Desert View, which is home to a watch tower by famed architect Mary Coulter. 

Mural on top of the watch tower 

Desert view 



Road Trip to California: New Mexico

New Mexico is rich in Native American culture, from their distinct lifestyle and traditions to their architecture and art.

Dream Catcher


Finally in Arizona


Road Trip to California: Texas

The longest part of going on a road trip is leaving Texas itself. It took nearly 12 hours to enter New Mexico from Houston. 

Had to bring out the big body for the drive. It has the leather, TV, bed and all the custom parts. All it's missing now is some rims. 

This was the view for most of the trip. 

Passed the Texas Wind Farms.  Renewable energy at its finest. 

Wind turbine doing work. 

Had to keep a bag of candy to eat while driving. 

Black gold. 

Finally out of Texas


Complete Clothing

Complete Clothing in Austin, TX offers everything from street wear to toys.  They carry some of the biggest brands out. You can even catch Bearbricks by artists such as Kaws throughout the store.

Nicekicks Store

Nicekicks store in Austin, TX has been open for about 2 years now. Though it has a simple selection of shoes and shirts, the prices are fair and customer service is great. Shout out to Matt, Greg and the rest of the crew.